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📰 Cambodia Deports 130 Suspects to China Over Illegal Gambling

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08 May

Cambodia has deported 130 Chinese individuals over suspicions of involvement in fraud and illegal online gambling across multiple locations in Sihanoukville, a coastal town notorious for its criminal activities.

The Saturday’s deportations came after a March raid that led to the detention of 300 suspects.

Rising Numbers of Online Scams

To counter the surge in online scams stemming from Sihanoukville, law enforcement agencies in Cambodia and China have intensified their cooperation. This shift comes as the city has undergone significant changes, emerging as a hotspot for Chinese-operated casinos influenced by prominent Chinese tycoons.

As reported by Xinhua, Sihanoukville authorities collaborated with Chinese law enforcement last month to apprehend individuals and confiscate servers, computers, and mobile devices. The majority of the 300 individuals arrested were of Chinese origin.

China’s Ministry of Public Security disclosed that the initial group of suspects had been transported to Hubei province via two chartered flights. Additional deportation flights to China are anticipated.

In March 2019, Cambodia decided to outlaw online gambling following an agreement with China. Additionally, China has committed to cooperating with Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos.

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