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aespa’s Cancelled Japan Concert Sparks Controversy Among Chinese Fans – Breaking Latest News

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K-pop Group aespa Cancels Concert in Japan After Backlash from Chinese Fans

The popular Korean girl group aespa recently announced that they would be holding a tour concert in Japan in July. However, one of the chosen dates for the concert, July 7th, sparked controversy among Chinese fans.

Fans from China criticized aespa for disrespecting Chinese fans by choosing to perform in Japan on the day of the “July 7th Incident,” a significant event in Japan’s war of aggression against China. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the timing of the concert and called for the date to be changed.

In addition to demanding a change in the concert date, Chinese fans also asked for the venues in Hong Kong and Macau to be changed, stating that they were “seriously unsuitable for aespa’s popularity in China” and could not provide a good concert experience for Chinese fans.

The Chinese fan group accused aespa of being disrespectful and indifferent to Chinese fans and the Chinese market, despite having Chinese members in the group and relying on the Chinese market for their activities.

As protests from Chinese fans continued, aespa’s official Japanese website announced that the concert scheduled to be held in Fukuoka on July 7th had been canceled. The announcement cited the numerous opinions received on social media and other platforms as the reason for the decision.

“We have decided to cancel the performance on July 7 in order to hold the event in the best way possible,” the announcement stated. The group apologized for any inconvenience caused and mentioned that details regarding alternative performances and refund methods were being coordinated.

Despite the cancellation of the concert on July 7th, aespa reassured fans that the performance scheduled for July 6th would proceed as planned. Fans from China and around the world are eagerly awaiting further updates on the situation.

It remains to be seen how this controversy will impact aespa’s future activities in China and the greater Asian market.

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