Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Chinese fans send protest trucks to SM Entertainment after aespa Karina’s dating news

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Chinese fans have shown their disapproval of aespa‘s Karina after the news of her relationship with actor Lee Jae Wook. 

Fans dispatched protest trucks to SM Entertainment‘s headquarters, signaling their dissatisfaction with Karina. These fans have raised their voices against the idol, expressing anger over her public acknowledgment of her relationship with Lee Jae Wook.

The fans wrote, “You should be more sorry to yourself for your 7 years of effort rather than being sorry to Karina fans! You have messed up your own path. All your efforts are being negated due to one dating rumor! Are you satisfied?” and “Is the love given to you by Karina fans not enough? Why did you choose to betray the fans? Please apologize directly. Otherwise, you will see a decrease in album sales and empty concert seats.

However, Korean netizens commented, “Looking at the content, it’s so sad. They’re doing that and sending protest trucks just because Karina is dating?? That’s a really extreme job…They’re basically threatening her. She didn’t even commit a crime or anything. She should be able to date and why can’t they just support her?” “I don’t know why they need to do this to this extent,” “Karina Bar, Karina’s major Homma, and core fans are still supporting Karina. Who sent that (protest truck)? I wonder if it’s just a few Chinese fans who sent it because the major fans didn’t drop out,” “When people see that protest truck, they might think Karina did something really wrong and betrayed fans or something… What did Karina really do wrong? I think it’s overboard that they sent protest trucks,” and “People are reacting as if she committed adultery or got pregnant or something.”

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