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Chinese New Year at Bastille: shows, food and entertainment await you this weekend

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Chinese New Year celebrations await you at Bastille this Saturday, February 17, 2024: food market, shows, exhibition and creative animations for a rich cultural day, are on the program.

For Chinese New Year, the Bastille district will be transformed to host an exceptional celebration on February 17, 2024. Organized by theAssociation Culturelle et Médiatique Franco-Chinois (ACMFC), the day promises to be a fine tribute to Chinese traditions, with a modern twist. Let’s discover this festival, where the Bastille market is transformed into a theater of cultural activities.

Entertainment awaits you all day long, from 12:00 to 21:00, with over 40 stands. The opening ceremony, scheduled for 4pm, will officially kick off the festive entertainment, closely followed by the main show, which will skilfully blend traditional Chinese art with modern technology.

Nouvel An chinois à Bastille, marché, spectacle et animationsNouvel An chinois à Bastille, marché, spectacle et animationsNouvel An chinois à Bastille, marché, spectacle et animations

This edition, celebrating the Year of the Wooden Dragon, promises a diverse range of activities and shows. Highlights include impressive artistic performances on the main stage, where traditional dance, music and martial arts illustrate China’s cultural diversity. An exhibition focusing on the environment will feature works by artists from all over the world, aiming to raise ecological awareness among participants.

Fans of exotic cuisine will love strolling down theculinary aisle dedicated to Chinese delicacies, which promise both traditional and contemporary flavours. What’s more, interactive workshops in calligraphy, painting and other traditional Chinese arts are on the program to further immerse you in the culture.

Ideally located in the center of Paris, the Bastille market is easily accessible via metro lines 1, 5 and 8, Bastille station. Easy to get to, there’s no excuse not to go. Whether you’re passionate about Chinese culture, a gourmet or simply looking for a lively party spot, this is an event to discover.

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