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Fala Chen welcomes 2nd child in surprise announcement

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Chinese-American movie star Fala Chen made a surprise announcement today (March 18) that she has given birth to a baby boy.

“We are now a family of four! Big sister was so excited to meet her little brother,” wrote the 42-year-old on an Instagram post.

Prior to this, she had not revealed her pregnancy.

Married to French entrepreneur Emmanuel Straschnov, 41, since 2019, this Hong Kong actress welcomed their first born nicknamed Little Minnie in February 2021. Back then, the reveal was a surprise as well with Fala not announcing her pregnancy to the public beforehand.

In the latest Instagram post, Fala shared a photo of what appears to be her newborn’s hand wrapped around Minnie’s, with Emmanuel’s and hers resting below.

In another photo, Minnie is holding a bouquet of flowers while seemingly headed to Fala’s ward.

Tavia Yeung, Elena Kong and Paisley Hu were among the celebrities congratulating her in the comments.

Fala told Hong Kong media that her son has been nicknamed Mickey, adding: “We have been blessed with a baby boy this spring, weighing 6.5 pounds (3kg). Both mother and child are safe and healthy, and we are delighted to see our family growing harmoniously.”

Fala, who has resided in the US in her teen years, was a contestant on the 2005 Miss Chinese International Pageant hosted in Hong Kong by TVB. She won first runner-up and signed with the broadcaster.

Her notable works include the dramas Steps (2007), Moonlight Resonance (2008) and Triumph in the Skies II (2013).

She made her Hollywood debut in the hit 2021 Marvel film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, starring opposite Tony Leung.


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