Thursday, November 30, 2023

Five zodiac signs most likely to become rich this year

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Some zodiac signs are destined to be millionaires, according to Forbes rich list. Financial experts at Cashfloat analysed hundreds of the top millionaires and billionaires from the Forbes Billionaires list to find out which zodiac sign is most likely to become one. According to the study, Virgo is the star sign most likely to become rich this year or later in life, with an average age of 61.2, nearly five years younger than the average age of all Forbes billionaires.

The average age to become a millionaire for Virgos is 61.2 years, while Aries is 61.8 years and Cancer is 62.5 years.

Although according to the experts, some zodiac signs are destined to become rich, the way people administer their money throughout their lives can also play a big part in securing a wealthy future.

What are the best and worst signs when it comes to administering money?

AstroTwins explained that Aquarians “are great at looking to the future to plan and invest in cutting-edge industries”. But with their thriving social lives, “they may burn through cash quickly going out with friends”.

Pisces are very “creative financiers” and because of their helpful nature, they are often paid in gifts. “They can struggle with boundaries and may go broke helping out people they love,” the astrologers explained.

Aries “are great leaders who are fearless about asking for the pay they deserve. But with their need for instant gratification, they are impulsive spenders who can burn through cash,” experts AstroTwins said.

Those born under the star sign of Taurus are smart budgeteers and know how to live well without breaking the bank.

However, “their frugality can cause them to play it too safe and miss out on bigger moneymaking opportunities,” the experts warned.

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Geminis are “shrewd investors and can sell anything but they may short-circuit financial progress by impulsively shopping, changing jobs too frequently, or getting sidetracked by office drama”.

Caretaking Cancers love having a beautiful home and are great at building a nest egg for their families “but their need for security can lead to fear-based frugality that keeps them stuck in ‘Poor Dad’ mode,” the astrologers explained.

“Generous Leos are big on celebrations and love treating friends and buying gifts. But their grandiose ideas can get so expensive that they get stuck in a feast or famine cycle,” they said.

The experts revealed that Virgos have “an ethos of ‘simple elegance’ and like to have a five-year plan to work toward but they can get so worried about the future that they never enjoy the money they have”.

Libras “are masterful networkers and moneymaking opportunities are a phone call away”. However, their love of fashion, jewellery, and five-star entertainment “can blow their budgets, leaving them at square one”.

The astrologers explained that Scorpios are natural curators who prepare wisely for the future, saving up to feel secure, but they warned that “their trust issues can hold them back from making wise investments that would help their money grow”.

“Lucky and entrepreneurial Sagittarians are great at attracting money. But with their boundless enthusiasm for everything they do, they can take unwise gambles that leave them financially vulnerable,” they said.

Finally, Capricorns make great providers, “saving up for themselves and their families but they can overspend on status items and get stuck with too many bills,” experts at AstroTwins said.

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