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I lost four stone in six months – even though I always hated exercise

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Snacks: Chocolate protein bar, one banana, weighed-out portion of nuts, homemade small almond milk latte.

Lunch: Multi-seeded bagel with chicken breast slices, 30g avocado and salad leaves, lentil crisps, Babybel light, handful of cherry tomatoes.

Snacks: Satsuma, apple.

Dinner: Peanut butter chicken and wholegrain rice with mini chocolate ice cream stick for pudding.

Snacks: Portion-sized mini bag party rings or pack of four mini jammie dodgers.

Exercise Before

Close to nothing. I would walk from the car park to work and back and then sit at my desk all day. Socialising with friends meant lots of walking around shops – if that counts.

Exercise After

Strength training exercise routine, four times a week

12,000-14,000 steps every day in the countryside or sometimes by following indoor steps- motivating videos on YouTube.

Three Top tips

1. Plan your weekly meals. On a Sunday morning I spent an hour sitting and thinking about what is in the fridge, freezer and cupboards and what I can make from that and what additional things I need to buy.

2. Schedule your workouts. I diarise and set reminders for my daily steps and workout routines in my calendar.

3. Track your body measurements. Instead of relying solely on the scales, take regular body measurements. Anybody who has started strength training will tell you that scales never tell the full story.

As told to Delphi Hayes

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