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I’m the world’s tallest pro bodybuilder – fans say ‘I make Thor look tiny’

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THE tallest pro bodybuilder in the world has revealed how he went from a scrawny teen to a 342lb monster that makes “Thor look tiny.”

Olivier Richters, 33, has doubled his body weight over the years with an intense training regimen and mountainous diet.


Olivier Richter, who holds a world record for being the tallest bodybuilder, didn’t always have such a terrifying physiqueCredit: Instagram/thedutchgiant
The lifting legend posted a transformation online that had fans shocked at his old body


The lifting legend posted a transformation online that had fans shocked at his old bodyCredit: Instagram/thedutchgiant
Now, The Dutch Giant is scoring roles on film for his incredible size and strength


Now, The Dutch Giant is scoring roles on film for his incredible size and strengthCredit: Instagram/ The Dutch Giant

The bodybuilder’s impressive size shocked his parents after he had sprouted to 6-foot-6 by the time he was 14.

At 19, he decided to start taking his physique seriously as he was very self-conscious of his above-average height.

What was once described as “a curse” turned into a gift when Richters packed on muscle and gained confidence, he told Men’s Health NL.

His physique became so noteworthy that he started to pick up spots in films like the role of Ursa in Marvel’s Black Widow.

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Richters documented the years-long transformation in a timelapse video that had him looking unrecognizable compared to his teen self.

The clip posted on Instagram was an inspiring collection of photos set to upbeat music where he flexed his muscles and accomplishments, including a 2015 Guiness World Record for the tallest bodybuilder.

Commenters were totally inspired by the muscled-up success story and said he “made Thor look tiny.”

“Awesome transformation bro,” another fan wrote.

A third person guessed that huge people must look “like midgets” next to the star athlete.

Fans had tons of questions about how he achieved such an incredible physique, and Richters clarified that it took 12 years and a lot of calories to get where he is today.

“I’m just glad I don’t have to feed you,” one user teased.

In a 2018 interview, Richters explained how gained 154 pounds in eight years.

His diet at the time was just shy of 6,400 calories a day, consisting of eight meals.

He starts his days with a shake, and then has six eggs, oats, and protein.

Richters said that breakfast is his biggest meal of the day.

He eats every 2-3 hours, totaling about seven meals per day.

The bodybuilder works out for one hour towards the end of his day, and on a full stomach.

But he doesn’t work out every single day.

Richters follows an every-other-day schedule to give his muscles more time to repair between workouts.

While it may seem like The Dutch Giant was born to thrive in the gym, he actually experienced harrowing health issues at a young age.

Richters suffered from Pectus Excavatum – a condition where bones surround his heart and lungs in a way that prevents them from growing.

At one point, his heart was 20 percent smaller than it should have been, Fitness Volt reports.

To fix the issue, the future legend had to have his ribs broken and regrown to create room.

He spent six months recovering and had to regain the ability to walk and swim.

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Luckily, Richters was able to come back stronger than ever before.

Now, the businessman runs Dutch Giant Nutrition brand, and a clothing company called Tall Origins together with his partner which specializes in clothes for taller people.

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