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Industrial Zones Director visits Misrata site and China’s Goodwill Company project

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In an exclusive interview with Libya Herald, the Media Office of the General Authority for Industrial Zones reported that the General Director of the Industrial Zones, Adel Al-Masry, made a field visit to the Al-Karareem Industrial Zone, east of the city of Misrata. He was accompanied by the directors of departments in the Authority and several businessmen, to learn about the progress of work there and the services it needs to encourage local and foreign investment in it.

Al-Masry is working to activate the role of the Authority by taking the necessary measures to support industrial activity and solve the bottlenecks that stand in the way of the activation of industrial zones in all of Libya, the Media Office explained. He also aims to put in place measures to protect local industry, stressing the importance of the private sector’s contribution to implementing the Authority’s targeted investment map supporting the activation of industrial zones.

China’s Goodwill establishing a ceramics factory
The Media Office referred to a visit by its Director General to the project of the Chinese company Goodwill, which is building a factory for the manufacture of ceramics and porcelain with an area of 26 hectares within the Al-Karareem industrial zone with a production capacity of 80 thousand square metres. It is part of the Authority’s project to localise industry in Libya while providing 400 job opportunities.

Authority regains control of three industrial zones in the east
The General Authority for Industrial Zones had, during the past months, the Media Office revealed, regained control over three industrial zones in the east of the country: “Marawa Industrial Zone, with an area of 100 hectares, Al-Gubba Industrial Zone, with an area of 300 hectares, and Takenes Industrial Zone, with an area of 104 hectares.

Overview of policy and plans
Providing an overview of the Authority’s policy and plans, its Media Office said the Authority will implement a modern, integrated network of infrastructure and supporting service facilities and contribute to the delivery of services according to the nature and size of each site, including electricity, water, and industrial sanitation. It will extend firefighting networks, deliver natural gas supplies, and provide administrative services, including licenses to practice activity and construction. It will also provide showrooms and commercial centers, and facilities and services within industrial areas, while taking all necessary precautions to preserve the environment.

Overall, the Industrial Zones Authority aims to contribute to reducing the cost of investment and achieving industrial integration, and to encourage investment in industrial zones in all Libyan cities.



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