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Influencer Jasmine Yong says her 2-year-old son drowned while she and her husband were napping

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Jasmine Yong, a Malaysian influencer, says her 2-year-old son, Enzo, died earlier this month after drowning in a hotel pool.

Yong shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram alongside images from what appears to be the boy’s memorial service.

She explained that the tragedy happened on Mother’s Day when Enzo wandered out of the family’s hotel room while she and her husband, Lim Kong Wang, were napping.

The family was staying at the hotel as part of their Mother’s Day celebration, she said.

“Our baby Enzo has gone up to be a happy little angel and is no longer suffering or in pain,” Yong wrote in a Chinese-language caption that has been translated to English.

Yong explained that Enzo, who was frequently featured in her social media content, was on the bed snuggling with her and her husband. After drinking some milk, the child fell asleep.

“We then also took a nap,” she wrote. When the couple woke up, they discovered Enzo was no longer beside them.

They then noticed that the originally locked door to an area with an indoor swimming pool had been opened. They entered the area and found Enzo unresponsive in the pool. 

Yong immediately performed CPR on the boy, who did not respond. She wrote that they weren’t able to call for help from the hotel room due to poor service, and that the boy’s father opened the hotel room door and called for help, but no one responded.

 “We hurriedly carried Enzo to the hotel lobby and asked the hotel employees to help call an ambulance and perform emergency aid until the ambulance arrived,” the continued.

“Thirty minutes later, after transporting Enzo to the hospital for emergency rescue, our baby’s heart started beating again, but he was still unconscious,” she added.

Yong added that Enzo “fought hard” to hang on before his heart stopped beating.

Yong asked for people to not spread rumors about her son’s death or to exaggerate anything related to the family’s tragic story.

“Please let baby Enzo leave the world peacefully,” she concluded.

Yong followed up her post by sharing a pair of videos of the toddler.

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