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Leap Into love: Why 2024 brides are considered extra lucky | – Times of India

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New Year brings new hope and rays of light. With this manifestation, various couples are going to tie a knot to establish a forever cherished relationship. The word “wedding” replicates dreams for many individuals, marking the beginning of a special journey of life, of course, with the better half. Couples aspire for perfection in every aspect, from menus and decorations to attire and venues.Marriage is a sacred unification of two souls.
Chinese astrology drawing inspirations from ancient Chinese beliefs operates on a twelve-year lunar pattern. Every year corresponds to an animal sign, and each of these signs is connected to one of five elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Chinese astrology dives into characteristics, relationships, and life happenings, providing a distinctive view of a person’s fate.
According to Chinese astrology, if you marry in the year of 2024, then you are considered as one of the lucky and most powerful brides. Here is an ample of reasons why 2024 is the luckiest year to get married, as per Chinese zodiac.
· As per Chinese astrological system, the year 2024 (2+0+2+4) adds up to 8 – a number which symbolises infinite love between husband and wife. Hence, it is considered lucky to get married this year.
· In Chinese astrology, a leap year is considered prosperous for couples tying the knot, embracing the relationship. 2024, which is a leap year, hence considered fateful and making it an ideal choice for brides to be.
However, choosing a wedding date is a very important decision that can affect your future, happiness and success. Choose after consulting with your partner, as consent from both sides is mandatory to maintain a blissful relationship.

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