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Tuyet post-weight loss success. Photo courtesy of Tuyet

Previously an office worker, Tuyet, standing at 1.55 meters and weighing 53.4 kg, struggled with a prominent belly that hindered her clothing choices. Her situation deteriorated post-birth as she developed cravings for sweets, frequently consuming bubble tea and fried foods, while living a sedentary life.

The wake-up call came during a reunion with old friends, where she noticed her rapid weight gain and ill-fitting clothes, prompting her gym commitment for aesthetic improvement.

“I believed I was in good shape until reuniting with old friends made me realize how rapidly I had gained weight, to the extent that my old clothes no longer fit,” she said, emphasizing the motivation behind her decision.

Tuyet noticed significant weight gain, particularly around her belly, arms, and thighs, postpartum. Photo courtesy of Tuyet

Tuyet notices significant weight gain, particularly around her belly, arms, and thighs, postpartum. Photo courtesy of Tuyet

To avoid injury, she began with a personal trainer who devised a tailored training plan.

“I adhere completely to my diet and exercise and train five sessions per week,” Tuyet shared about her disciplined approach.

She also incorporated swimming, strength training, and cardio to speed up fat loss and enhance her figure. Despite the initial challenge of waking at 5 a.m. for workouts before work, Tuyet remained unwavering, never skipping a session, even in adverse weather.

Experts emphasize that training accounts for 20% of physical progress, highlighting gym workouts for muscle flexibility, bone health, and reduced injury risk. However, proper training, customized workout plans, and targeted advice from a trainer are crucial, according to experts.

Tuyet’s newfound gym passion led her to start working as a professional trainer in early 2022, aiming to empower postpartum women to overcome weight insecurities and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Tuyet became a professional personal trainer post-weight loss. Photo courtesy of Tuyet

Tuyet becomes a professional personal trainer post-weight loss. Photo courtesy of Tuyet

In addition to rigorous training, Tuyet also embraced a calorie deficit diet. She focused on eating a variety of vegetables, staying hydrated, choosing lean meat, and reducing intake of sweet fruits, sugar, and salt in favor of more protein. To curb hunger, she opted for water, unsweetened yogurt, or milk.

Her varied diet featured salmon, tuna, mackerel, beef, sausages, smoked meats, chicken, and a selection of nuts including almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds.

She advises breastfeeding mothers against overly restrictive diets to prevent impacting milk production, advocating for a scientific approach to weight loss that prioritizes overall health and well-being.

Experts highlight that a crucial element in weight loss is creating a calorie deficit, which is defined as taking in fewer calories than your body uses. Caloric intake is derived from foods and beverages, while calories burned stem from metabolic processes, everyday activities such as breathing and sleeping, and physical exercise.

As per health and well-being news platform WebMD, achieving a calorie deficit can be done by opting for lower-calorie foods and ramping up physical activity. Combining these strategies offers a healthier, safer, and more effective path to weight loss.

“Weight loss demands dedication, hard work, and patience,” Tuyet said. “But managing to conquer this journey bestows newfound confidence and a deeper self-appreciation.”

She added that her steadfast approach helped her successfully lose 6 kg in six months and has maintained her toned body since 2022.

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