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Music Lab Podcast: Singaporean electronic pop singer Jasmine Sokko on covering her face and finding fame in China

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Jasmine made her debut in 2016 with a self-released single 1057. Over the years, the self-taught producer has risen from cult local favourite to regional pop star, amassing a large following after reaching the finals of Rave Now, a Chinese reality television programme for electronic music acts.

In 2019, she became the first Singaporean to win Best South-east Asia Act award at the 2019 MTV Europe Music Awards held in Spain. The enigmatic artiste is also known for covering part of her face with a mask, and has never revealed her full face in publicity photos.

The singer, who shuttles between China and Singapore, almost had her music career derailed during the pandemic lockdowns. But she is now back in 2023 with new music with Winter, a single that marks a new chapter in her artistry.

Highlights (click/tap above):

1:49 Listen to Jasmine Sokko’s new single in 2023 – Winter – which Eddino describes as having a different ‘industrial rock-type’ sound compared with her previous works

2:13 How Winter marks the end of a chapter in her music career and the start of a new beginning

6:45 How her music is inspired by everything that she absorbed growing up as a Singaporean

11:55 How she ended up making music in China despite not being fluent in Mandarin

13:46 How the pandemic lockdowns almost derailed her music career

15:46 Why she covers her face with a mask

21:00 On juggling school and her music career

26:20 The moment she realised she wanted to make music full-time, no matter the odds

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Produced by: Eddino Abdul Hadi (dinohadi@sph.com.sg), Ernest Luis, Teo Tong Kai and Eden Soh

Edited by: Teo Tong Kai

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