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Netizens Call JYP Entertainment The “Worst Company” For Failing To Protect Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

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There were some serious allegations written.

Netizens have labeled JYP Entertainment as the “Worst Label” after new trucks with malicious allegations about Stray Kids’ Hyunjin were seen outside the company building.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin | @hynjinnnn/Instagram

Recently, protest trucks have been sent to JYP with quite serious allegations about Hyunjin’s personal life.

A few weeks ago, similar trucks were put outside the company. While the initial attention to the trucks led to JYP releasing a statement targeting these malicious rumors…

On March 21, according to fanbases, new trucks with extremely malicious allegations, akgaes (K-Pop fans who only like one member of a group and hate the others) have been sending messages to bloggers about the idol to damage his reputation.

  • Million-album seller? No!! How many albums did the fans of other members buy? Let’s return the support all 7 members should receive evenly.
  • Stray Kids do not have any problems if Hyunjin leaves the group. Can you look your colleagues in the eyes? Hyunjin, you’re treated well!
  • JYP firmly take care of this. Don’t try to blur the truth. Fans aren’t stupid.
  • Hwang Hyunjin leave and stop negatively affecting the team. Chinese Stays are with Korean Stays.
  • Kyungshil (referring to Hyunjin), are you happy you sang two songs in a row? You look cool now that you pulled up your pants and are acting like an artist.
  • Hwang Hyungjin, you have 3 strikes, now get out. Out 1, school bully. out 2, Han Seo Hee. Out 3, did you like the one-night stand?
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Fans are angry that the company has seemingly taken no steps to protect Hyunjin. It meant that after photos of the trucks were sent, netizens started trending the phrase “JYPE Worst Company.”


Under the tweet, netizens shared their anger towards the company

For many fans, the tweet seems like empty words as the malicious trucks continue to be outside the building, somewhere that Hyunjin would be able to see.

You can read about the initial trucks below.

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