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NFL Betting: Eagle vs. Former Eagle for Coach of the Year

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Here are the current odds for NFL Coach of the Year at DraftKings:

Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions +140
Demeco Ryans, Houston Texans +300
Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins +500
Shane Steichen, Indianapolis Colts +1000
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles +1000
Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers +1200

The boys of Bet the EDGE broke down the category earlier this week.

Following the Lions utter dismantling at home against the Packers on Thanksgiving, Drew Dinsick (@whale_capper) believes there is an opportunity for a couple candidates who sit further down the odds board.

“I think the two that you have to pay attention to are down the list and they are Nick Sirianni and Shane Steichen – two guys who shared the same coaching room last year and an offensive philosophy that is working still in today’s NFL.”

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Croucher agrees with Dinsick’s assessment of the current market.

“I think that Steichen Coach of the Year-wise was the biggest mover out of the weekend and it’s not like that was such an impressive win but just to be able to rack up that win while all the other candidates fell down and now, they have a very, very easy schedule to close and so I’ve got them about 7:1 to get to 11 wins. If this team gets to 11-6 and it’s probably at that point a 5-seed. That’s a pretty strong case.”

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A strong case but not unbeatable, as Croucher actually prefers the Eagles’ Head Coach at the moment.

“If I had a vote, and strangely, I don’t have a vote. But if I did have a vote Drew, I would vote for Nick Sirianni. I think he’s doing the best job of anyone this season…just the fact that they do not shoot themselves in the foot at all, while every other team around them does. The aggressiveness on fourth down. Just everything about this team.”

Moving up the odds board is Sean Payton (+1400). Is there legitimacy to his candidacy? Croucher sees a path. It is narrow and unlikely, but possible.

“I know he’s getting a lot of buzz. Sure, if he runs the slate, fine. He’s allowed to win Coach of the Year maybe at that point…but I’ve got them 65:1 to run the slate. They don’t have like brutal matchups on their schedule, but it’s just a lot of games like at Houston or at Detroit.”

They closed their conversation discussing the candidacy of Mike Tomlin. Short of winning the division, Dinsick sees him falling short.

“You need so many other things to happen. I feel like that it’s probably not likely. I mean, realistically… like he’s finally gonna get some votes, but it’s not gonna be enough to win….unless he wins the division.”

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As we turn for home, there are still many games left that will prove pivotal in determining whether our Futures Tickets are worth cash or are merely coasters. Stay tuned to Bet the EDGE to stay ahead of the market.

*odds provided by DraftKings

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