Thursday, November 30, 2023

Novak Djokovic must be able to play the US Open

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No Indian Wells, no Miami. The special permit that Novak Djokovic requested to enter the United States of America has been denied. As an unvaccinated against Covid19, it is not possible for him to enter US soil. This until May 11, the date scheduled by the US government for the green light from this restriction, after the end of the pandemic.

It would be right for Nole to play the US Open in September. Currently, not being able to play many tournaments, the Serbian champion was overtaken in the ATP Ranking by the young Spanish champion Carlos Alcaraz, without even being able to play.

Nole is a world tennis heritage, as are Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Only after many years, in retrospect, will we really realize the incredible goals that Nole has achieved during his amazing career. Not letting him play in the biggest tournaments is really a more than controversial decision.

There are all the necessary precautions so that he could play in Indian Wells and Miami. And I would have said the same thing if Nadal, Federer or Serena Williams had been in his place. They are the great champions who move tennis.

Depriving them of the most prestigious coirts is a crime.

Nole’s words

Nole himself, explained: “It’s a shame I couldn’t play in Indian Wells or Miami. I love those tournaments. I’ve had a lot of success there, but at the same time it’s the conscious decision I made and I knew there’s always the possibility that I won’t go.

That’s the current situation that I hope will change by the end of this year for the US Open. This is the most important tournament for me on US.” The last time Novak Djokovic walked the Flushing Meadows tennis court was in 2021, in a final that could have become tennis history.

Against Daniil Medvedev, the Serbian could have made the Calendar Grand Slam, but he was defeated by that last act against the Russian tennis player. Despite the knockout, the New York stands supported and applauded the Serbian, who has not forgotten this episode: “I really want to play there, I want to be there.

In reality I had, in 2021 when I lost in the final against Medvedev, probably one of the best times I’ve ever had with the New York crowd and I was lucky to win that tournament three times, playing many finals. Even though I lost that match, I got a lot of love and appreciation from people and I want to go back and I want to reconnect with the crowd there. So that’s something I look forward to and hope to happen.”

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