Tuesday, November 28, 2023

OpenAI Chaos, Rice Squeeze, Robot Bins: Sunday Asia Briefing – BNN Bloomberg

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(Bloomberg) — It’s been a weekend of setbacks. Sam Altman lost his job running OpenAI (though he may get it back), SpaceX’s huge Starship rocket exploded again (though not quite as quickly as the first time) and Bayer’s Monsanto was ordered to pay more than $1.5 billion to three former users of its Roundup weedkiller (though the award will probably be reduced). Here’s what else is coming up.

The big results. Baidu, Xiaomi and Kuaishou Technology report earnings, giving an indication of how China’s tech companies are navigating the economic headwinds. 

The big hoard. India, the world’s top rice exporter, may keep restrictions on exports even beyond national elections next year, holding prices close to the highest levels since the food crisis of 2008.

The big data. Japan’s CPI may pick up again, though probably not yet the sticky demand-led inflation the BOJ seeks. Indonesia may leave rates unchanged after October’s surprise hike, while Sri Lanka may cut. In Thailand, quarterly economic growth likely rose. 

The big bin. Osaka’s new solar-powered robot trash cans can crush waste, identify types of rubbish and call city workers via an app to warn when they are getting full. So why doesn’t the mayor like them?

The big theory. How can China make up for trade restrictions and lackluster domestic demand? One economics professor in Beijing thinks he has the answer.

The big show. Taylor Swift postponed an Eras Tour concert in Rio de Janeiro after a 23-year-old fan died during her Friday night show.

The big finale. After six weeks and 47 matches, the Cricket World Cup reaches a climax today in the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad as India faces Australia. Here’s where the betting lies.

The big blade. To keep used wind turbine blades from piling up in landfills, startups are chopping them up and turning them into recycled items like park benches. 

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