Monday, March 4, 2024
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China–India relations

China rules Ladakh court judgment ‘irrelevant’ to its border dispute with India

“India’s domestic judicial verdict does not change the fact that the western section of the China-India border has always belonged to China.”The remarks followed...

G20 Summit: Five reasons why China’s Xi Jinping is not visiting India

President Xi Jinping is not coming to India to attend this week’s Group of 20 or G20 Summit and instead sending his...

China warns India on security ties with Taiwan after ex-chiefs visit island

NEW DELHI: China on Thursday said India should follow the “one China principle” and not have “military and security” cooperation with Taiwan,...

How China has been nibbling away at Indian territory

China has for years been chipping away at Indian territory along the long-contested border between the two countries. India’s mostly anodyne response to each...

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