Monday, March 4, 2024

Taiwan accuses China of ‘cheating’ and ‘stealing’ chipmaking technologies

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Taiwan’s diplomat in Washington, Alexander Yui, has leveled serious accusations against China for attempting to rival Taiwan’s semiconductor industry prowess through dishonest means, including intellectual property theft. In an interview with Reuters, Yui dismissed the notion that China’s chip sector could soon rival Taiwan’s, especially in production of chips on leading-edge nodes. China’s ambassador in the U.S. denies any wrongdoing by Chinese companies. 

The de-facto ambassador of Taiwan in the U.S. accused Chinese chipmakers of circumventing standard practices of innovation and instead resorting to dishonest methods to advance their capabilities. Despite significant investments, Yui remains skeptical of China’s ability to produce leading-edge processors that could compete on the global stage, especially in the face of concerted efforts by the U.S. to curb Beijing’s technological ambitions through export restrictions and other measures.

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