Friday, May 24, 2024

This Futuristic Public Toilet In China Analyses Your Urine To Measure Health

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These urinals quickly and accurately test urine on-site for just 20 yuan

Several futuristic urinals have recently begun popping up in China to help people better manage their health through automated monitoring and analysis of urine. These smart toilets have been rolled out in public men’s restrooms in major Chinese cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai. According to the New York Post, these urinals quickly and accurately test urine on-site for just 20 yuan, which equals about $2.76 (approximately Rs 230).

Shanghai-based documentary director Christian Petersen-Clausen shared a photo of one such urinal and shared his experience in a Twitter thread. He wrote, ”Recently Health Checking Urinals have begun popping up in Men’s restrooms all over Shanghai. A private company is offering the urine analysis for RMB 20. Naturally, I tried that out.”

”The whole process is about as easy as one might think. I paid my fee via WeChat and before I even made it down the escalator had my results,” he further wrote, while sharing photos of the high-tech machine, which shows a man peeing into the urinal along with an explanation written in Mandarin.

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His results, which said he lacked Calcium, were ”otherwise unremarkable,” he said.

After a few days, he tumbled over another of these urinals and did another test. ”Apparently, I had been drinking enough milk by then. The tests seem to be rather comprehensive as well,” he wrote, informing users that his  Calcium levels had gotten better.

”The company seems to be installing them all over China and given how important early detection of health issues is I think this is quite good. I don’t think this shall replace a visit to your doctor but it might very well prompt one. A cardiologist told me that thanks to Apple Watches he now saw more people before they had heart attacks. That’s kind of what I am hoping for here.,” he added. 

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