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VR, AI, Metaverse, Xiaomi and more: a look into China’s tech scene | Loop Barbados

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China’s push for development continues apace, with a drive not just to open up to global trade but to generate more areas for technology research. 

Journalists were invited, courtesy the China International Press Center (CIPCC), to tour two state-of-the-art tech parks in Beijing, Shougang Industrial Park and Zhong Guan Sun Science Park. 

Shougang Industrial Park

Sci-fi, virtual reality (VR) meta-universe products and other cutting-edge research are the focus of this massive industrial park, where over 60 businesses have settled. 

With the support of the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, the Shougang Group focuses on five public service platforms such as science fiction film and television shooting, motion capture and optical imaging.

LUSTER Light Technology Group

LUSTER Light Technology Group focuses on virtual digital content including light field reconstruction, motion capture, XR production and digital human rendering. 

The company focuses on machine vision and computer vision technology, catering to businesses involved in electronic manufacturing, advanced display, alternative energy, film and animation and more. 

LUSTER also won first prize for China’s State Technological Invention Award in 3D light stage technology and two second prizes of the National Award for Science and Technology Progress. As the leader, LUSTER had undertaken numerous major national science and technology projects, which greatly boosted the related scientific and industrial development of China.


The core team members of WANOS are a group of PhDs and oversea background experts with more than 20 years experiences in the field of audio industry.

The main target of the company is to realize self-developed cutting-edge technologies and industry implementation. So far, WANOS has developed the leading WANOS® 3D Spatial Audio system with hundreds of invention patents and created a full product train with the system.

The core innovations of WANOS® 3D Spatial Audio include efficient codec technology, immersive object-based spatial audio technology and precise acoustics modelling technology with sound sources and sound field.

WANOS technology has found applications for cinemas, vehicles and the XR virtual world and features products such as headphones, louspeakers, Head Mounted Display (HMDs) and other devices. 


SoReal Metaverse Park at Blast Furnace No. 1 is an immersive 3D virtual world featuring events, games, group activities and more.

The post-industrial park is a renovated steel mill with towering pillars, a suitable backdrop for a surreal animated, sci-fi experience. 

Zhong Guan Cun Science Park

Zhong Guan Cun No.1, a key project in Beijing, is a landmark park located in the northern area of Zhongguancun Science City, and situated in the central area of the Science and Technology Innovation Section of the Beijing Free Trade Pilot Zone.

This gargantuan development spans approximately 500,000 square meters and comprising 20 buildings, the park integrates enterprise offices, high-end business, vibrant commercial activities, and technological art, generating revenue of over RMB 22 billion. 

Currently, Zhong Guan Cun No.1 has more than 150 resident enterprises, primarily focused on hard and core technology sectors such as artificial intelligence, commercial aerospace, and financial technology.

As of 2022, over 70 per cent of the park’s companies are high-tech enterprises and about 20 per cent are specialized and innovative enterprises.

The industrial chain covers satellite manufacturing, Beidou navigation, and aerospace TT&C.

Centered around the needs of enterprises and individuals throughout their entire life cycle, Zhong Guan Cun No.1 provides three basic types of service, i.e. business services, property supervision services, and living services, as well as seven industry service products aiming to enhance technological value, provide financial support for technological innovation, recruit core talents, facilitate cross-border business travel, enhance enterprise influence, offer air meeting services, and host industry activities.

The park also has a 70,000-square-meter commercial area and a 5,000-square-meter OneArt Museum, catering to the residents of the park and environs for shopping, dining, leisure, art appreciation, and cultural activities.


AI-centred business, QCraft, has developed autonomous driving software which is currently in use. 

Founded in 2019, Qcraft is a self-driving vehicle start-up company developing autonomous vehicle simulation testing, a system solution that trains self-driving cars to deal with vast traffic scenarios, especially unusual cases, on a virtual road network.

QCraft’s Driven by QCraft (DBQ) solution can be seamlessly applied to various vehicle types, creating new concepts for travel and logistics and meeting the needs of diverse urban traffic scenarios.

Naton Medical Group

Another focus of technological development includes medical technology and research, as an be found within Naton Medical Group

Naton Medical Group is one of the leading Chinese orthopaedic organizations and is a global and innovative enterprise that aims to provide orthopaedic products and services.

Since its establishment, Naton has succeeded in establishing and integrating an international orthopaedic research center,three manufacturing facilities of orthopaedic products and a specialized orthopaedic hospital.


Xiaomi, the world’s third top selling mobile phone company in the world, is also located at the park and features a range of cutting-edge new devices including smart home technology via its Mi Home app. 

The Xiaomi 13 series includes a collaboration with Leica Camera AG – the new model presents new optical and computational capabilities with Leica True Color Imaging and a newly developed 75mm telephoto lens.

It also offers professional camera features already featured on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, including signature Leica optics and two photographic styles. 

One of the anticipated newcomers in the company’s mobile phone showcase is the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, which is due to be released in mid-2023.

Loop News reporter Alina Doodnath is in Beijing, China, courtesy the China International Press Communication Center (CIPCC). Share your stories of life in China, email 

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