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“What a joy!!!” – Rafael Nadal congratulates ‘maestro’ Jon Rahm on Masters 2023 triumph

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Rafael Nadal has congratulated compatriot Jon Rahm on his victory at the Masters 2023 golf tournament. An avid golf fan, Nadal is frequently seen indulging in his passion for the sport during his time away from the ATP tour.

Nadal has even had the opportunity to play against Jon Rahm in the past. The two met at Larry Ellison’s private club in Palm Springs when Rahm was a student at Arizona State University. Despite being a tennis player, the former World No. 1 showed his prowess on the golf course and emerged victorious against Rahm, finishing at four under par.

On April 9, Jon Rahm won his maiden Masters tournament in Augusta. At the start of the final round on Sunday, Brooks Koepka held a two-stroke lead over Jon Rahm. But as Koepka struggled, Rahm made a remarkable comeback, ultimately securing his second major tournament win.

With his victory, Rahm clinched the World No. 1 ranking as well.

Rafael Nadal was quick to share his appreciation for Jon Rahm’s spectacular victory. Referring to Rahm as a “maestro,” the 22-time Grand Slam champion reveled in his compatriot’s triumph.

“Congartulations @jonrahm !!! What a joy!!! HOW BIG!!!,” he posted on Instagram.

The Spaniard's Instagram stories
The Spaniard’s Instagram stories

“The undisputed greatest of all time” – Jon Rahm showers praise on ‘idol’ Rafael Nadal

The Spaniard won the 2022 Australian Open
The Spaniard won the 2022 Australian Open

Following Rafael Nadal’s thrilling victory at the 2022 Australian Open, Jon Rahm commented on feeling fortunate to have played a round of golf with his compatriot. He described the Mallorcan as an enthusiastic golf fan who plays the sport frequently, even during tournaments.

“I get lucky enough to play a round of golf with him and then I’ve gone to a few tennis events and we’ve met afterwards. He is an avid golf fan. He plays golf, a lot, a lot and a lot of golf,” Rahm said.

“He’s one of those that in between tournament days, he’s playing golf, or before and after he might be playing golf. He’s an absolute nut,” he added.

Rahm referred to the tennis player as one of his idols and praised him for winning his record 21st Grand Slam title at the 2022 Australian Open, calling him the “undisputed greatest of all time.”

“He’s one of my idols, I don’t know how many Spain has, but if he were to win it would stay like that. To be the undisputed greatest of all time at a sport is very unique.”

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