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A bright energy arrives on Monday as the ego-ruling sun enters energetic Aries, marking the first day of spring and a brand new astrological year. The sun is empowered when he moves through this cardinal fire sign, allowing us to express our love for life with ease. This refreshing atmosphere promises to reinvigorate our spirits, inviting us to embark on a new journey free from fear and self-doubt.

On Tuesday, the emotion-ruling moon will also begin a new cycle in Aries, making it a marvelous time to start planning your next personal or professional project. This lunar event will imbue you with the fearless spirit and can-do attitude needed to turn your dreams into reality. 

Then, as transformative Pluto moves into forward-thinking Aquarius on Thursday, we’re in for a critical shift. The planet of death, rebirth and the subconscious rarely changes signs, making his effects strongly felt between generations. When Pluto inhabits this fixed air sign, he alters our relationship to power structures and authority figures. We’ll experience the shockwaves of this transit collectively — it will be time for humanity to evolve as a whole.

Passions could begin to cool when fiery Mars enters emotional Cancer on Saturday. Mars’s dynamic energy is dampened when he spends time in this cardinal water sign, since much like the crab, the warrior planet prefers to help us pursue our interests — romantic and otherwise — using a more indirect approach. This means that we’re often more subtle with our words and can even succumb to passive-aggressive behaviour when others fail to pick up on our hints. We may not feel as adventurous when it comes to matters of the heart either. Remember to practice self-love to help yourself through this moody transit. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 20, 2023.


Nothing can hold you back, Aries. At the start of this week, you could find that your focus is ultra-sharp, making it easier to go after your desires. Don’t hesitate to command the stage and show off your leadership skills. As you do, your confidence and playful spirit are sure to inspire the people around you and draw them closer. Later in the week, you may feel ready to shift your focus and throw yourself into a new project at home. Just remember to collect all your ideas before getting started. Spending time gathering inspiration can help you figure out how to really optimize your space. 


You’re surrounded by fresh inspiration this week, Taurus. So seize this opportunity to engage in engrossing conversations with the people you love most. Gather your nearest and dearest to discuss how you can help each other reach your highest potential. Meanwhile, you could find yourself settling into a more introspective mood at home. Perhaps you’re ready to truly confront how your emotions affect your daily habits. This is an ideal time to face any behaviours that may need changing. You’ll need to work from within to lay the groundwork for a more productive mindset to blossom.


It’s time to show them what you’re made of, Gemini. With your problem-solving skills sharpened, you’ll be able to easily decipher just about any conundrum that comes your way this week. Your poise could also make a lasting impression on the people you assist, so be sure to harness this momentum to strengthen your professional relationships. Meanwhile, if you find that the awakening of spring makes you feel particularly social, don’t hesitate to reach out and reconnect with your favourite people. Who knows? A casual chat with a confidant could even lead to a profitable new business venture. Take this moment to explore the possibilities. 


Let yourself think out loud this week, Cancer. If you do, you could find that conversations with loved ones reveal some innovative ideas. You may even be able to harness them to build your wealth and demonstrate your true worth — if you can build up enough confidence to share them with a larger audience. Meanwhile, you may want to take a step back to contemplate how you can polish your persona. It’s an excellent moment to evaluate your online presence and consider what changes you could make to present your best self while still protecting your sweet spirit. It’s time to move through the world with conviction.


Get ready to roll up your sleeves, Leo. At the start of this week, family members and loved ones will be counting on you to summon your wits in order to get things done at home. You’ll be able to handle any pressing matters that come your way if you can remember to approach things with a positive attitude. Once you’ve conquered these challenges, you can shift to expanding your mind with fresh inspiration. Seek out new surroundings — you could even book a ticket or start planning your next adventure. Then, near the end of the week, you’ll have a chance to cement your relationships with your nearest and dearest, and fill your heart with love. 


Your keen mind can quickly sort through paperwork and red tape, Virgo. And starting this week, you could be challenged to use these excellent detective skills to untangle some complex financial issues. Seize this opportunity to clear a path that sets your mind at ease. Meanwhile, you may feel the urge to dedicate more of your energy to your community. Volunteering could help you rediscover your purpose, so spend time researching how you can lend your talents to a cause that needs your assistance. This weekend, consider getting together with friends. It could lead you toward a new hobby or interest that will spice up your life. 


Building — and maintaining — solid connections is important to you, Libra. And fortunately, tending to your existing relationships will come easily this week — so long as you make an effort to show up for the people you care for. Don’t hesitate to clear your social calendar, especially for those who share your interests and understand your vision. Perhaps you’ll even be able to create something extraordinary together. Midweek, you may find yourself tempted to make an impulse purchase, despite your current efforts to tighten up your spending. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Remember: you’re allowed to enjoy a little splurge here and there.


Are you ready to steer the ship, Scorpio? Early this week, you could have a chance to alter the course of your career by speaking up for yourself. Be sure to listen to your intuition and let your words guide you toward your next big professional move. Your success will ultimately depend on your ability to harness your leadership skills, steady focus and drive. Then, midweek, the pleasures of home may call, encouraging you to relax in your space. If you happen to notice some changes you’d like to make to your living situation as you decompress, take note of them so you can plan out how you’d like to accomplish them at a later date. 


Taking care of your space can be empowering, Sagittarius. In fact, you could find yourself filled with fresh enthusiasm when you face your domestic responsibilities at the start of this week. Getting up to speed on your home finances may also prove helpful, as it can provide you with relief and clarity on how you’d like to move forward. Meanwhile, a shift in atmosphere could have you adopting a more playful and romantic outlook. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to find delight in the little things; colours may look brighter, people may seem more engaging and your creativity could flourish. Consider how you’d like to bring more beauty into your life. 


Are you in the mood to settle down, Capricorn? If you find that certain domestic fantasies are starting to dance in your dreams, it could be a sign that you’re ready to make some inspired changes around your home. If you’re single, this could be an opportunity to consider how you might alter your surroundings to make them feel more romantic and inviting. Meanwhile, attached Capricorns who live with their partners are encouraged to collaborate to add more personality to their space. Relinquishing a little control could help you to find some beautiful solutions. 


Your unique perspective will be an asset at work this week, Aquarius. This could mean a certain dilemma leaves others stumped, while the solution appears crystal clear to you. Don’t hesitate to jump on this opportunity to show off your smarts and save the day. People are likely to recognize and appreciate your efforts during this time. Meanwhile, you may notice your conversational skills improve significantly as you find new ways to voice your innermost thoughts. Continuing to express yourself will help connect you with the people who hold the answers you seek. 


The solution you’re after could be a simple phone call away, Pisces. So at the start of this week, you may want to reach out to some friends for advice. Perhaps they’ll even be able to help you clear an obstacle from your path that’s been preventing you from streamlining your daily routines. Meanwhile, you could find that staying more up-to-date with your finances brings you added confidence. Adopting a new attitude toward budgeting will also allow you to shed bad habits and transform your ideas around wealth and security. Remember: holding yourself accountable is key to manifesting your desires.

Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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