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BBC Learning English – 英语大破解 / Five future-proof jobs 未来需求旺盛的五个职业

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(本视频内容拍摄于 2023 年 8 月)


Five future-proof jobs 未来需求旺盛的五个职业


Confused about what to study or what profession to choose?


These are five jobs that will be in high demand in the future according to the World Economic Forum.


They surveyed over 800 businesses all over the world and asked them what jobs will be in high demand in the next five years.

世界经济论坛对全球 800 多家企业进行了调查,询问这些企业在未来五年内对哪些岗位的需求量大。

(Source: World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Report 2023)
Almost 75% of businesses said they will need AI and Machine Learning specialists.

(数据来源:世界经济论坛《2023 年未来就业报告》)
近 75% 的受访企业表示,他们将需要人工智能和机器学习专业人员。

Whether it’s credit card numbers, passwords or the private information of millions of users, information security analysts will be key to protecting all the data that we store.


The environment is another area of opportunity. Businesses will need sustainability specialists to help them reduce emissions, reduce energy consumption and be greener. 


Outside of the tech world, agricultural equipment operators are going to be key. This means people trained to handle complex machinery like tractors, and fertiliser spreaders, loading machines – the works.


And with this very quick technological evolution, it’s no surprise that digital transformation specialists are going to be key to help businesses adapt.


The list in the Future of Jobs Report also sees potential in roles involved in Fintech, robotics, e-commerce, digital marketing, data analysis and more.

《2023 年未来就业报告》还显示,以下领域中的岗位需求在未来也会有增长:金融技术、机器人、电子商务、数字营销、数据分析。

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