Sunday, June 16, 2024
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China woman, 63, keeps old age at bay with impressive gym workout regime

In a viral post on Xiaohongshu, Zhenzhen opened up about how fitness helped her overcome the fear of ageing.“Now I can feel how the...

I’m a 70-year-old grandfather with six-pack abs — here’s my fitness routine

A Chinese man made sure he always had hydration on hand while he worked out — by carrying a 5.2-gallon water jug when he...

China exercise fanatic, 70, amazes social media with body, mind of man in his 20s

A 70-year-old grandfather in China is so enthusiastic about fitness and mountain climbing that he has the physique – and the athletic abilities –...

International influencers stake major claim in China social media realm

Whatever their modus operandi, foreign internet personalities have managed to amass substantial followings in China.With their diverse expertise and engaging content, who among the...

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