Friday, June 14, 2024
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As Xi Jinping visits Europe, Ukraine, trade likely to be top priority

Ukraine, trade and investment are expected to dominate Chinese leader Xi Jinping's first trip to Europe in five years, as the Asian giant rebuilds...

The Chinese swimming doping scandal: What we know about bombshell allegations and WADA’s response

Empire State Building honors Team USA Olympians and ParalympiansAs the Summer Olympics in Paris approach, the Empire State Building recognized Team USA Olympians and...

China social media in stitches over top fashion brand’s ‘sticky tape bracelet’

In a video posted by TikTok influencer @highsnobiety, the product looks like a regular roll of clear tape, marked with Balenciaga’s logo.In 2023, a...

300 applications, 4 interviews: Chinese foreign graduates face tough job market

In another clear disadvantage, most firms she applied to no longer accept online interviews, as with the end of pandemic restrictions, companies now prefer...

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