Friday, July 19, 2024
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As Putin meets with Xi, China is forced to consider how far it will go to help a friend | CBC News

As Vladimir Putin and his large entourage touch down Thursday in Beijing for a two-day state visit, there were be plenty of public overtures about cooperation,...

Blacklisted Chinese tech giant is covertly funding scientific research at U.S. universities through a nonprofit

Huawei Technologies Co., the Chinese telecommunications giant blacklisted by the U.S., is secretly funding cutting-edge research at American universities including Harvard through an independent...

Sustainability advocate raises alarm as fast-fashion giant Shein set to open pop-up shop in Vancouver | CBC News

Controversial online retailer Shein is set to open a temporary brick-and-mortar shop in downtown Vancouver for four days in April.Signage at 804 Granville St.,...

China issues travel advisory for the US, warning of searches and harassment

China issued a travel advisory for citizens visiting the United States, asking them to take safety precautions and to be prepared for “various unexpected...

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