Saturday, May 25, 2024
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US Sanctions

Huawei flagship store surge in China signals showdown with Apple

Huawei is revamping its retail strategy and aggressively opening flagship stores in China, with some just a stone's throw away from Apple shops, as...

Huawei’s new phone uses more China-made parts, memory chip

Huawei's latest high-end phone features more Chinese suppliers, including a new flash memory storage chip and an improved chip processor, a teardown analysis showed,...

China to take ‘necessary measures’ after US curbs

China on Thursday said it would take "necessary measures" after the United States announced fresh sanctions aimed at crippling Russia's military and industrial capabilities,...

China firms go ‘underground’ on Russia payments as banks pull back

An appliance maker in southern China is finding it hard to ship its products to Russia, not because of any problems with the gadgets...

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