Saturday, May 25, 2024
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As Putin meets with Xi, China is forced to consider how far it will go to help a friend | CBC News

As Vladimir Putin and his large entourage touch down Thursday in Beijing for a two-day state visit, there were be plenty of public overtures about cooperation,...

China navy secretly built what could be world’s first drone aircraft carrier: report

China's navy has secretly built what could be the world's first dedicated drone carrier ship, according to Naval News, a squat ship that looks...

China’s aircraft carrier Fujian is at sea, and now it’s a very different world

These malign actors extend their tentacles around the globe. Wagner Group operatives...

Will a wildly popular app become a casualty of the new cold war between China and the U.S.? | CBC News

TikTok now risks becoming a high-profile casualty of the cold-war sequel developing between China and the United States.It's one of the world's biggest social media platforms,...

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