Saturday, May 25, 2024

800 returned to China after gambling and fraud in Myanmar

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BEIJING – More than 800 Chinese nationals involved in gambling and fraudulent activities in the Myawaddy area of Myanmar have been gradually repatriated back to China through Thailand after a consultation between authorities from China, Thailand and Myanmar, as announced by the Ministry of Public Security on Wednesday.

In March 2023, Chinese law enforcement authorities initiated joint anti-crime actions targeting transnational telecom fraud and online gambling with their counterparts in Myanmar and Thailand, achieving fruitful results

As the crackdown intensified, through the joint efforts and close cooperation of the three parties, some Chinese nationals involved in the gambling and fraudulent activities in the Myawaddy area have voluntarily turned themselves in for returning to China.

Recently, a working group dispatched by Chinese law enforcement authorities, together with counterparts from Myanmar and Thailand, completed the repatriation of the individuals.

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