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Accused arms supplier in Salman Khan case dies by suicide, Katrina Kaif’s new deepfake video surfaces, Update on Parineeti Chopra’s husband Raghav Chadha: TOP 5 entertainment news of the day | – Times of India

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We delve into the most talked-about headlines of the day, bringing you all the buzz from the entertainment industry. Right from Arms supplier‘s death in Salman Khan firing case, Katrina Kaif‘s new deepfake video surfacing to update on Parineeti Chopra‘s husband Raghav Chadha, here’s taking a look at top FIVE news from the world of entertainment today!
Katrina Kaif’s new deepfake video goes viral
A resurfaced video showcasing Katrina Kaif conversing fluently in French has gone viral online, sparking discussions about the advancements in deepfake technology.Fans expressed astonishment at the clip’s authenticity, with some remarking on the evolving capabilities of deepfake videos, underscoring concerns over their increasing realism.Update on Parineeti Chopra’s husband Raghav Chadha
A recently surfaced video of Katrina Kaif fluently conversing in French has garnered widespread attention online, igniting conversations about the advancements in deepfake technology. Fans were astonished by the video’s authenticity, highlighting the growing sophistication of deepfake videos and raising concerns about their realism.

Salman Khan firing case: Accused arms supplier dies by suicide

A supplier accused in the Salman Khan firing case has reportedly died by suicide, as confirmed by the Mumbai Police. The incident adds a tragic twist to the ongoing legal proceedings surrounding the case, bringing attention to the complexities involved in such high-profile legal matters.

Crackdown continues: NIA grills shooters as Mumbai Police arrest 2 weapon suppliers from Punjab

Aditi Rao Hydari-Siddharth got engaged in 400 year old temple
Aditi Rao Hydari disclosed details about her engagement to Siddharth, revealing that the ceremony took place at her family’s ancient 400-year-old temple. The intimate engagement underscores the significance of tradition and heritage in their union, adding a profound layer of sentiment to their relationship.

SLB originally wanted to cast Fawad Khan-Mahira Khan in Heeramandi
Sanjay Leela Bhansali divulged that his initial plan for “Heeramandi” included casting Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. However, plans shifted, leading to a different cast. Bhansali’s revelation offers insight into the dynamic nature of filmmaking, where casting decisions evolve to shape the narrative and characters effectively.

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