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Actor Sammo Hung unhappy with comments on Jackie Chan’s old appearance

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Hong Kong action star Sammo Hung has defended fellow artiste Jackie Chan after some netizens disparaged Chan’s appearance.

Recent photos of Chan, 69, sporting a head of white hair and white facial hair while attending an event in China, had gone viral on Chinese social media, with some commenting that he looked visibily aged.

“Who doesn’t get old? What matters is staying healthy as one ages,” Hung, 72, said while attending the annual dinner and awards presentation held by the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild on March 15.

“Why did these people speak so badly of him? They act as if they won’t get old.”

Hung appeared at the event with a walking stick and was accompanied by his wife, former Hong Kong actress Joyce Godenzi, 58.

The actor and stunt choreographer went for a knee operation in 2017 and has been seen using a wheelchair or walking stick.

“My wife does not allow me to eat too much,” he told the media about his diet. “I can still eat fatty food, but have to give up starch.”

Hung said he still feels pain in his legs and does not know whether he should exercise.

The God Of War (2017) actor was formerly one of the Seven Little Fortunes, a troupe comprising Hung, Chan, Corey Yuen, Yuen Wah and three others who went to a Peking Opera school. They later became action heavyweights in the Hong Kong film industry.

“I practised martial arts from the age of nine until I was in my 50s. Should I continue to exercise in my 70s?” he said. “The only exercise I do now is moving my lips to eat.” – The Straits Times/Asia News Network

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