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Amazon opens new local warehouse before Black Friday sales

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Amazon has opened a bonded warehouse in Ningbo of Zhejiang Province, as the e-commerce giant’s first in-land warehouse in China, providing an enhanced logistics service for cross-border e-commerce purchases before Amazon’s Black Friday sales starting on Friday.

The new warehouse, opened last Friday, provides enhanced logistics service for Amazon with the shortest delivery time being two days for Chinese cross-border e-commerce users. That is about 10 days faster on average than previous delivery times.

The Amazon warehouse is in the Cross-border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area in Ningbo. Leveraging Amazon’s global logistics network, the new bonded warehouse will provide Chinese customers with millions of selections at faster delivery speeds, Amazon said.

Ti Gong

Amazon has opened a bonded warehouse in Ningbo of Zhejiang Province, as the e-commerce giant’s first in-land warehouse in China.

Amazon is still tapping into the booming Chinese market, especially its Amazon China Global Store, as its cross-border e-commerce service, industry insiders said.

In China, known for its extensive and sizable discounts, the online shopping spree usually lasts from late October to mid-November, with a climax often seen on November 11, also known as Double 11 or the Singles Day festival. Black Friday sales for Amazon’s Chinese users start on November 17.

Broadly, US tech companies such as Amazon, Meta and Microsoft explore opportunities in China as a global top-level consumption market, despite the complicated macro environment.

Meta, whose services Facebook and Instagram are not available on the Chinese mainland, is rumored to be introducing virtual reality headsets into the domestic market in the future, through a partnership with Chinese company Tencent.

Launched in 2014, the Amazon Global Store in China was Amazon’s first localized, multi-market global store. It now offers millions of selections across many Amazon stores globally, which are delivered from Amazon global fulfillment centers directly to customers in China.

During the Double 11 festival, products from European countries are very popular, especially those from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain. Cosmetics, maternal and infant products and health products are among the best-selling goods, according to JD.

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