Sunday, July 14, 2024

Appliance maker reveals AI model to master Chinese cuisine

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Robam Appliances aims to revolutionize the culinary landscape with the industry’s first AI model specifically designed for Chinese cuisine, which may transform the way people cook at home.

Drawing upon Robam’s 45 years of industry experience, data from 50 million families using their appliances, and a vast knowledge base of Chinese recipes, the AI model is a culmination of expertise and user insights, tailored to the unique demands of Chinese cooking, the company said.

While details regarding specific availability and timelines remain under wraps, Robam assures seamless integration of the AI model with their next-generation kitchen and smart home devices. This connected ecosystem fosters a more intuitive and personalized cooking experience.

Robam emphasizes it as a “definitely customized and personalized” AI model. It delves beyond simply providing cooking instructions or robotic arms, instead catering to individual preferences and even emotional needs, caught by sensors and environment detection.

“This AI not only tells users how to cook,” explains He Yadong, Robam’s vice president, “but also mobilizes all equipment and collaborates with cooks to make dishes. For AI, it lowers the threshold for cooking, and stimulates the fun of culinary creation.”

Robam’s AI model signifies a significant leap forward in the integration of AI with home appliances. Industry giants such as Huawei, Fotile, and Xiaomi are also actively incorporating AI technology into their smart home offerings.

It fits well with China’s national strategy to develop a “new quality productive force” as integrating AI and traditional manufacturing to create high added value.

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