Friday, July 19, 2024

China builds world’s first field test network for 6G communication

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A group of Chinese telecom engineers has established the world’s first field test network for 6G communication and intelligent integration.

The experimental network has demonstrated that semantic communication can reach the transmission capabilities of 6G on existing 4G infrastructure.

Also, the network has achieved a remarkable tenfold improvement in key communication metrics, including capacity, coverage and efficiency, according to a team from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications who unveiled their work at a seminar on Wednesday.

The network serves as a platform which facilitates the efforts of research institutions in conducting theoretical research and initial verification of 6G pivotal technologies. It can effectively lower the entry threshold for 6G research, making it more accessible for innovation, according to the team.

China is working to commercialize 6G, the next-generation wireless technology after 5G, by around 2030, while 6G standards are expected to be set in 2025.

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