Sunday, May 19, 2024

China-made server exports to US plummet — Taiwan, Mexico remain top server import suppliers

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China’s server exports to the U.S. have fallen from 18.8% of outgoing servers in 2017 to 1.7% in 2023 — a dramatic plunge underscored by Taiwanese gains in the U.S. market — according to DigiTimes Asia. Taiwan’s data center exports, on the other hand, have grown heavily in the wake of U.S. trade restrictions, which have increased in intensity against China since 2018. 

In the same five-year period, Taiwan has seen a 900% growth in its share of data centers being sent to the United States: an increase from 8.1% of Taiwanese servers in 2017 to 73% in 2023. The data center market has been a major contributor to the success of Taiwan’s tech sector in that time frame, with Taiwan now producing 90% of the world’s AI servers, and 100% of U.S.-brand AI servers. This rise in Taiwanese dominance of the tech sector is great news for the small island, whose growth in the market has not been hampered even by their recent bevy of earthquakes

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