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China ranks 3rd in Hurun’s global school ranking

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The Chinese schools on the 2024 HSBC Hurun Education Global Highschools ranking

China remained in third place on the HSBC Hurun Education Global Highschools ranking, with 13 schools on the list.

The list, which is the second edition and was published on Monday, covers 179 non-state institutions with campuses in 52 cities in 11 nations and regions and a total of 180,000 students, with 25,000 graduating every year.

The schools are ranked based on graduating students’ university choices, co-curricular activities, and the school’s reputation.

Hurun Education chairman and chief researcher Rupert Hoogewerf expects the list to “help parents find the most suitable school for their children, teachers looking to work in the best schools, and university admission officers looking to understand more about where their applications are coming from.”

The United States leads the list with 82 entries, followed by the United Kingdom with 75. Despite one fewer inclusion than last year, China stayed third on the list.

“China has more world-class high schools than many might think, ranking third globally, behind only the US and the UK,” he said. “So, if you are based in China, instead of sending your child to study abroad, you could consider keeping your child in the country.”

He said that the China-based institutions on the list are young, with an average age of 30 years, compared to over 200 years for the rest of the list. They are also slightly larger than their overseas counterparts, with 210 students in their graduation year compared to 140 for the rest of the world.

London leads all other cities with 35 entrants, while Shanghai ranks seventh with 5 schools.

The rankings placed Shanghai Pinghe School at 91st, followed by Ulink College of Shanghai, YK Pao School, Guanghua Cambridge International School, and Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy (151st–165th).

Shenzhen College of International Education, Chinese International School in Shanghai, and Shanghai Pinghe School are three of the top ten high schools outside of the United States and the United Kingdom.

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