Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Chinese companies fuelling theft of luxury cars with cheap GPS-jammers

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On Sunday, the Government reiterated its ambition to crack down on the use of signal jammers and other devices used to steal cars. 

Provisions in the Criminal Justice Bill, which is currently working its way through Parliament, would make possessing, selling and importing the technology illegal. 

There was a 48pc increase in vehicle thefts in the year to the end of September 2023, according to the Crime Survey of England and Wales, rising from 72,000 to 106,000 incidents.

As previously reported by The Telegraph, experts have blamed the use of signal jammers and other technology used to break into cars for a surge in thefts.

They have also warned that only a tiny proportion of containers leaving the UK – used by gangs to smuggle out car parts and entire luxury vehicles – are being searched.

However, port owners have warned that any efforts to step up searches must be “proportionate” so as not to disrupt trade.

Mr Curry said greater use of devices capable of detecting signal jamming may be one potential way to allow more searches to take place without causing major delays. 

On Sunday, a spokesman for the Home Office insisted vehicle crime overall had fallen by 38pc since 2010.

She added: “We are also banning electronic devices used to steal vehicles, empowering the police and courts to target the criminals using them and the organised criminals manufacturing and supplying them.”

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