Saturday, May 25, 2024

Chinese embassy in Singapore warns citizens to avoid gambling

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The embassy has urged citizens to avoid all forms of gambling.

Singapore.- The Chinese embassy in Singapore has issued a warning to Chinese citizens in the city-state, urging them to abstain from all forms of gambling. It noted that gambling is against Chinese law and could lead to legal repercussions regardless of the legality of casinos in the host country. 

The embassy warned that embassies and consulates may not be able to provide consular protection for people found to be in violation of Chinese laws while overseas. It also warned of risks such as fraud, money laundering, kidnapping, detention, trafficking, and smuggling.

Similar warnings have been issued by Chinese embassies in other countries, including South Korea and Sri Lanka. In 2020, China established a blacklist of destinations to which cross-border transfers are restricted, and in March 2021, China’s made it illegal to assist cross-border gambling.

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