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Chinese teen idols venture into uncharted territories

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China’s most popular idol groups are expanding into new countries and introducing C-pop, thanks to a strategic partnership between Universal Music Greater China (UMGC) and C-pop giant TF Entertainment.

TF Entertainment is the driving force behind China’s popular idol groups, including TFBOYS and Teens In Times. The new arrangement includes global digital distribution for TF Entertainment’s roster of artists.

Ti Gong

TFBOYS are among the nation’s leading idols with a combined following of over 250 million on Weibo.

South Korea’s K-pop and Japan’s J-pop, as representatives of Asia’s youth pop culture, made their way into the Chinese mainland around the close of the last century, sparking a craze among young fans. China’s entertainment business has now formed its training programs to cultivate potential and highlight the adolescent idols’ distinct perspectives on life.

“We are excited to pave the way for C-pop groups to captivate audiences worldwide,” said Timothy Xu, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Greater China. “This alliance underscores our dedication to elevating Chinese pop music to global acclaim, both culturally and commercially.”

Chinese teen idols venture into uncharted territories

Ti Gong

Teens In Times is one of China’s most successful idol groups.

TF Entertainment has been a pioneer in China’s pop culture landscape since 2009, introducing the trainee system to create idol groups, the most successful of which are TFBOYS and Teens In Times.

All three TFBOYS members are among the country’s most popular idols, with a combined Weibo following of more than 250 million. They have played at the CCTV New Year’s Gala for four years in a row.

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