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City helping Chinese companies tap the global market

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Shanghai has stepped up efforts to help Chinese companies tap the global market in terms of accreditation by tackling the information bottleneck confronting them, the city’s market regulators said on Tuesday. The 17th World Accreditation Day is on June 9.

On Tuesday, an e-manual on how to gain accreditation in Belt and Road countries and regions, and an international accreditation guideline for specific goods such as new-energy vehicles, lithium battery and photovoltaic products were released by the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation.

Last year, China’s exported mechanical and electrical products hit 13.92 trillion yuan (US$1.92), up 2.9 percent from a year earlier, and the export of electric automobiles, lithium batteries and solar cells reached 1.06 trillion yuan, surpassing a trillion yuan for the first time.

However, many export companies said they were unable to obtain information on qualification assessment policy and international market access timely, and were calling for a one-stop service, officials said.

The manual and guideline cover the accreditation regulations and market access requirements of nearly 80 Belt and Road countries and regions, helping Chinese brands and products explore the international market, the administration said.

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A total of 27 products and services of 26 companies are honored with “Shanghai Brand” certificates.

The manual and guideline involve the accreditation system, product scope and catalog, and application procedures of relevant products, as well as environmental protection and data security policies and regulations, according to the administration.

At the same time, the Chinese Enterprise Overseas Headquarters Service Center and Overseas Inspection and Testing Certification Service Platform were launched on Tuesday.

The city had registered 1,340 testing agencies and 189 accreditation agencies by the end of last year, a growth of 2.7 percent and 6.2 percent, respectively, from a year earlier, according to the administration.

Over 33.66 million test reports were issued last year.

Six Shanghai quality testing centers, covering the city’s leading and key industries such as ceramic materials, robots for medical use, telecommunications and civil aviation, were approved on Tuesday, delivering a boost to the formation of new quality productive forces and high-quality development of relevant industries.

Meanwhile, 27 products and services of 26 companies were honored with “Shanghai Brand” certificates in a further push by the city to create a cluster of internationally competitive brands.

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