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Durian prices surge amidst high demand from Chinese market – Pattaya Mail

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Durian enthusiasts are dismayed by the soaring prices of the beloved ‘king of fruits’ amid intense competition for export-grade durians, notably from the lucrative Chinese market.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Durian lovers in Thailand face disappointment as the price of the “king of fruits” skyrockets this year, driven by fierce competition for export-grade durians, particularly from the lucrative Chinese market.

The spike in durian prices can be attributed to delayed harvests caused by cold weather in provinces like Trat, Chanthaburi, and Rayong, resulting in a one-month delay compared to last year. Furthermore, intensified competition between Chinese and Thai traders for durians directly from orchards has exacerbated the situation, fuelled by growing demand from both Thai and foreign fruit lovers, especially the Chinese.

Mr. Dawut, owner of Ban Chan Durian Shop in South Pattaya, disclosed that this year’s prices are 20-30% higher than last year, with beautiful-sized durians fetching 199 baht per kilogram compared to 159 baht previously. Moreover, Thai durians earmarked for the East Asian market now constitute 70% of exports, predominantly Grade A-C durians, leaving only 30% for the domestic market. This shift has further contributed to the price surge in 2024.

Chinese tourists eagerly select premium durians during their shopping spree at Ban Chen Durian Shop in South Pattaya, amid soaring prices driven by heightened demand for export-grade durians.

Despite the perception that domestically sold durians are inferior, Mr. Dawut assures consumers that Thai durians are of excellent quality, often larger and with better flesh. To incentivize purchases during this period of abundance, Ban Chan Durian Shop is offering discounts and organizing a Durian Eating Competition, aiming to boost sales and promote tourism in the region.

Interested lovers of the aromatic fruit can register for the competition until April 27, with the winner receiving a cash prize of 5,000 baht. Even participants who do not win will enjoy a free durian buffet. For more details, visit the Ban Chan Durian Shop Pattaya South Facebook page.

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