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Egypt has a special welcome for Chinese tourists

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Ti Gong

The iconic scenery that immediately brings Egypt to mind.

The Egyptian Tourism Authority unveiled a range of innovative strategies in Shanghai on Tuesday for Chinese tourists.

A pivotal part of the latest strategy is the new Cairo City Break program – an initiative aimed at transforming the capital into a dynamic, must-visit, long-weekend destination with a blend of ancient heritage, cultural richness, and contemporary energy, the authority announced during the ongoing three-day ITB China 2024, the premier B2B trade show dedicated to the Chinese travel market.

As one of the first steps of the program, in a few weeks travelers will be able to enjoy a new visitor center at the Pyramids of Giza, with brand new restaurant and hotel facilities, promising excellent views of the great monuments.

Egypt has a special welcome for Chinese tourists

Ti Gong

A mix of thrilling experience and heritage as skydivers descend towards the pyramids.

Most significant of the strategies will be the vast Grand Egyptian Museum, built to house 100,000 of the country’s finest and most important archeological artefacts. It is expected to open soon.

Marking the beginning of a new era for Egypt’s tourism industry, the country is also venturing into the luxury tourism sector. Seven historically significant hotels will be converted into luxury accommodation.

From bolstering transport networks to enhancing airport facilities and expanding railway systems, significant investments are being made to improve accessibility and connectivity across the country, the authority said.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s hotel capacity aims to double to 400,000 rooms within the next five years to lift the country’s capacity and provide diversified accommodation options.

The momentum of Chinese tourists returning to Egypt is exceptionally strong, the authority said.

Egypt has a special welcome for Chinese tourists

Ti Gong

Egypt offers beautiful natural scenery in addition to its archeological artefacts.

A total of 230,000 Chinese tourists visited Egypt in 2023, representing a 250-percent increase year on year, and it received 90,000 Chinese tourists in the first quarter of 2024, a 178-percent increase year on year.

The target is around 300,000 this year.

“Chinese tourists are immensely important to Egypt’s tourism industry and the economy, and we were thrilled to see a surge during the Labor Day Golden Week,” said Amr El-Kady, the authority’s chief executive officer.

An increasing number of sectors within Egypt’s travel industry are keen to expand their offerings for Chinese tourists, he added.

“Beyond the convenience of visa-on-arrival, we have introduced a series of innovative initiatives and made significant investments in infrastructure development to enhance the travel experience for visitors to Egypt and ensure that every Chinese tourist enjoys a personalized and comfortable journey in Egypt,” he said.

Egypt has a special welcome for Chinese tourists

Ti Gong

The Abu Simbel temples are two large rock temples built by ancient Egyptians.

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