Thursday, June 13, 2024

Empowering science and technology in Xujing Town

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Xujing Town in Qingpu District will step up efforts to improve the mobilization capability on social resources of procuring entities in the town under a program of sustainable procurement by the United Nations and international organizations.

A seminar on the empowerment of science and technology on the sustainable development of humanitarianism was held in the town recently.

The “Knowledge Sharing, Capacity Building and Supporting Service Program on Sustainable Procurement of UN/International Organizations” has been launched in Xujing.

It aims to create a platform for Chinese businesses to participate in the international public procurement market.

Ti Gong

Xujing steps up cooperation with UN.

Under the framework, Xujing will bring the program into full play, mobilize suppliers of the program and create a better environment for international public procurement and sustainable development of humanitarian cause, said Chen Yu, deputy Party secretary and governor of Xujing.

Deng Yan, head of the foreign aid material supply station of Red Cross Society of China added: “Confronting the severe situation of frequent international humanitarian crisis, scientific and technological innovation plays a crucial role in proceeding the development of humanitarian cause.

“We urge more enterprises to contribute Chinese wisdom and solutions to the global humanitarian cause via the power of science and technology.”

Chinese companies such as COSCO Shipping Lines Co Ltd and LONGi Green Energy Technology Co Ltd showed off their innovative products and solutions in hemostatic products, life saving units, emergency material support, advanced medical treatment materials and global shipping solutions, and competitiveness in international public procurement.

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