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Experts highlight global cooperation in aviation technology

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Ti Gong

Zhao Chunling, chief designer of the C929, China’s first long-range wide-body airliner.

Experts and industrial leaders emphasized the critical role of global cooperation in the development and application of aviation technology at the 13th Annual Avionics International Forum, which wrapped up on Thursday.

Keynote speakers included Anna von Groote, director general of the European Civil Aviation Equipment Association (EUROCAE), and Zhao Chunling, chief designer of the C929, China’s first long-range wide-body airliner, at the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC).

Groote highlighted the rapid growth of the Chinese aviation industry and the significance of exchanges between stakeholders that included government agencies, avionics developers, and regulatory bodies.

“The Chinese aviation community is immensely important. Recognizing the rapid development in Chinese avionics, these exchanges are crucial,” said Groote.

She said 60 percent of their standards are developed jointly with other international bodies, leading to technically identical standards that reduce technical trade barriers.

Experts highlight global cooperation in aviation technology

Ti Gong

Cutting-edge avionics equipment and technologies on display at the forum.

Zhao, who has been instrumental in developing COMAC’s ARJ21, C919, and C929 aircraft, discussed the future of avionics technology from the perspective of operational needs.

She stressed the importance of safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. “Through avionics technology, we can enhance the safety of aircraft operations under various scenarios,” Zhao said.

She also highlighted the need for efficient use of airspace resources, given the post-pandemic surge in passenger traffic at major airports.

Zhao emphasized China’s commitment to carbon neutrality and the need for avionics technology to support green development goals.

More than 500 officials, industry leaders and experts from home and abroad attended the forum and shared the latest research on avionics.

The two-day forum was hosted by the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment and AVlC Airborne System Co.

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