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F1 News: Lando Norris ‘Surprised’ by Chinese GP Podium

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Lando Norris expressed his astonishment after securing a second-place podium finish at the Chinese Grand Prix.

The Shanghai International Circuit was bustling with action as Max Verstappen clinched victory at the Chinese Grand Prix, followed by an unexpected second-place finish by Lando Norris and Sergio Perez rounding out the top three.

From the outset, Verstappen established a strong lead, distancing himself by six seconds ahead of his teammate Perez by lap 7. Behind them, a fascinating battle unfolded for the third spot, with Norris ultimately overtaking Fernando Alonso in a sharp maneuver at Turn 6. This early gain was critical for Norris, setting the tone for his race performance.

Speaking after the race, Norris shared his thoughts in a series of candid reflections to former Champion Nico Rosberg:

“Surprised, so I’m very happy.

“I’m happy for the whole team, they deserved it. Good pit stops. Just today worked out.

“I don’t know why, it was not the race I was expecting to have today, but just got comfortable and could manage the tyres a lot, which was an easier task than what I could have yesterday.

“And I could just push, the car felt great and I felt comfortable. So a good day, good points, and another podium. So very happy.

“I was surprised by many things: the lack of pace from Ferrari, our good pace, and I guess us comparing to the Red Bull which was so surprising.

Amid his reflections, Norris also shared a lighter moment about his pre-race expectations:

“I just wasn’t expecting today. I got everything ready to go home early and not be on the podium, so it’s a pleasant surprise. But it shows the team have done a good job, have worked hard and it’s paying off.

Norris also humorously noted an internal bet he lost due to his unexpected performance.

“I made a bet how far behind the Ferrari we would finish today. I thought 35s – and I was very wrong by that. So happy to be wrong with myself, and my own bets, but a good day for everyone.”

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