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F1 News: Max Verstappen Drifts Final Corner of Chinese Grand Prix in Ultimate Show of Dominance

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In a stunning display of control and confidence, Max Verstappen drifted through the final corner of the Chinese Grand Prix, capping off a dominant victory. This marked his first win at the Shanghai International Circuit as Formula 1 returned to China after a five-year hiatus.

The F1 community witnessed a spectacular scene in Shanghai this weekend as Max Verstappen, the Red Bull Racing star, showed off just how much confidence he has in his potent RB20. The 3-time champion turned the final corner of the Chinese Grand Prix into his personal playground, drifting his Milton Keynes machinery with a panache that left fans and competitors wide-eyed. This victory not only demonstrated his sheer dominance but also underscored his comfort and command over his car.

Verstappen’s performance throughout the weekend was nothing short of stellar. Launching from pole position, he maintained his lead amidst various challenges and disruptions during the race. His Red Bull car, perfectly dialed in, seemed to glide through the corners with precision, firmly establishing Max at the top of the championship leaderboard.

“It felt amazing. The whole weekend we were incredibly quick. Just enjoyable to drive on every compound,” Verstappen reflected post-race, encapsulating his weekend’s overwhelming success.

As the race developed, several mid-race challenges and incidents kept the teams on their toes. Notably, Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate, fought hard to reclaim his second position from Fernando Alonso after a brief tussle in the opening lap, securing a subsequent Red Bull one-two finish. Elsewhere, Lewis Hamilton wrestled with his Mercedes, frustrated by its balance, while Lando Norris seized every opportunity, pushing his McLaren to second, parting the Red Bulls with his Papaya car.

Despite the relatively chaotic field behind him, Verstappen’s tranquility was never disrupted. Even a safety car period couldn’t deter his march toward victory. Executing flawless restarts, he managed to keep his rivals at bay effortlessly.

“We survived the restarts well and the car was basically on rails, and I could do whatever I wanted with it,” Max added, underlining his control over the race.

Talking to ViaPlay, he admitted to treating the spectators to a drift before the final corner, knowing well the capabilities and limitations of his Formula 1 car.

“Yes, I said to GP (Gianpiero Lambiase) ‘take a look at the onboard’. A Formula 1 car is obviously not made for drifting, with a rally car it could have been even more so, but that’s a bit trickier with an F1 car. We were obviously very far ahead so having a bit of fun is allowed,” he joked.

Verstappen’s strategy for the race was clear from the onset. Adjustments made to the car before race day paid dividends, particularly in improving drivability at corner exits. This tweak allowed him to manage tire wear effectively, crucially the front left, which is notoriously strained at the clockwise Shanghai Circuit.

“Yes, the first one went very well and the second one too, only then I braked in turn six. But the restarts themselves went well yes.

“This track is very heavy on the tyres though, especially the front left. You have to manage that. Still, with that managing I was able to gain four, five tenths per lap, so then I think it’s fine,” he concluded.

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