Tuesday, May 28, 2024

How US is making it difficult for China to access American-made AI chips – Times of India

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The US has adjusted regulations that will further make it difficult for the Chinese companies to get access to the artificial intelligence (AI) chips and chipmaking tools provided by American companies. This move is part of an initiative to curtail Beijing’s chip industry due to national security concerns.
The rules, which were initially issued in October, intend to cease shipments of more advanced AI chips—designed by Nvidia and others—to China.
The revised rules, spanning 166 pages, take effect next week and essentially extend restrictions on chip exports to China to include laptops containing these chips, according to a report by news agency Reuters.
The Commerce Department, responsible for export controls, plans ongoing updates to these restrictions. Their goal is to strengthen and fine-tune the measures related to technology shipments to China.
US to single out Chinese chipmaking factories
Meanwhile, citing three people familiar with the matter, a report by the news agency also claimed that the Biden administration is working to compile a list of Chinese chipmaking factories barred from accessing critical tools. This effort aims to facilitate companies in curbing technology flows to China.
In 2022, the Commerce Department prohibited US companies from shipping equipment to Chinese factories producing advanced chips. However, companies struggle to pinpoint which Chinese factories produce advanced chips. They’ve long urged the Commerce Department to publish a comprehensive list, the report added.
“People are like, ‘please, just tell us which are these advanced [factories] that you really care about,’” said one official, speaking on a panel, and confirming work on the list.
Anticipate the list’s release within the next few months, according to one source.
“It’s probably not going to be an exhaustive listing, if we can do that. But the more that we can help identify what are these facilities that we have a concern with, hopefully that’s going to help,” the official added.

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