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“I have built a brand of integrity” – Very Dark Man brags about entering the Chinese-only supermarket without restrictions – Kemi Filani News

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Controversial social activist Very Dark Man took to Instagram to clear the air on how he was granted access into the alleged Chinese supermarket.

Very Dark Man brags about entering the Chinese supermarket without restrictions.

Here’s what he wrote;

“Why did they allow me enter and not let news channels enter,BECAUSE I AM VDM!I have built a brand of integrity and they know I won’t twist the truth to suit a narrative…is the building that those people pointed a supermarket? NO,is that whole place a supermarket?

NO,it is a residential area with a lot of companies in it…is there a supermarket in one of those resident(NO,there is a store where l everyone in the estate goes to shop) are Nigerians allowed l into the estate? Yes if you have an appointment(now yall should apologize to me)….”

Recall that Very Dark Man had made a video, touring the expanse of the area where the Chinese-only supermarkets was located.

He had walked in freely, without any resistance, as opposed to the people that staged a protest in front of the building.

Very Dark Man had earlier said that the protesters had misplaced priorities because there are bigger issues in Nigeria to combat. He even raised a question as to how often the protesters eat Chinese food.

After he made the statement, Very Dark Man said he faced some backlash for ‘not being patriotic’. He stated that from the onset, he had known that something was fishy about the protest.

On more than one occasion, Very Dark Man has been a solo rider for views that are often not accepted by the general public.

Very Dark Man has often stood his ground on whatever he says, no matter how much backlash he faces.

An example of when Very Dark Man faced backlash was when he fought against Bobrisky for being a cross dresser, and openly bragging that he got him arrested.

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