Thursday, June 13, 2024

Internet celebrity under investigation over claims she’s an exam cheat

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Beijing education authorities are investigating the case of Li Minxuan, an Internet celebrity with over five million followers on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, who is suspected of cheating during an art exam at Beijing Film Academy.

Li Minxuan has more than five million followers on Douyin, with her most popular video getting over 10 million likes.

A Weibo user “中戏表演系帅哥美女” claimed on Monday that: “Upon reviewing the exam footage, it was confirmed that Li Minxuan had violated the exam regulation and cheated on March 8. The Beijing Film Academy will disqualify Li from its exams and revoke her eligibility certificate.”

The exam requirement for the Beijing Film Academy stipulates that examinees must wear dark-colored training attire and are prohibited from disclosing their names in any form. However, according to other students in the same exam room, Li wore light-colored clothing and disclosed her name.

On Tuesday, a staff member at the Beijing Municipal Education Commission told Jimu News that after a preliminary investigation, Li was confirmed to have revealed her name during the exam. The school is taking action against Li’s behavior in accordance with the relevant admission policies and disciplinary procedures. The case remains under investigation.

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